Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is the worst. "Bomb Iraq," he tells us one day, "bomb Iran" the next. What a jerk! And now he's rented himself an entire New York hospital wing to recover from surgery, while everyone else dies.

Page Six reports that the noble king and chief oil vendor of Saudi Arabia has "commandeered an entire wing" of the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center's VIP floor, where he's recovering from presumably state-of-the-art surgery on his 86-year-year old ass, which will ultimately drive up your health insurance premiums:

A family member of one patient told us, "The king has taken the entire luxury treatment wing and booked out all the rooms, even though they are empty and he doesn't need them, to protect his privacy.

"Patients are grumbling that they have been moved out to other areas of the hospital, and that despite there being a number of unused VIP treatment rooms, they can't be moved into them because they are all reserved for the king of Saudi Arabia."

What can you say? The guy's just a jerk. But more importantly: a close ally.

[Image via AP]