Patti Stanger knows what's up...most of the time. In the newest installment of Millionaire Matchmaker does Manhattan, Patti set-up two great matches, but gave out some iffy advice to Married to the MOB owner, Leah McSweeney.

Leah owns the street wear line Married to the MOB, and went to Patti for help finding a manly guy to fall in love with. Before meeting Will though, an awesome/hot chef in New York, Patti told Leah to tone down her masculine energy in order to find a nice guy.


It's understandable that Patti didn't want her talking about sex on their first date, but that's what she tells everyone. No doubt Leah is pretty aggressive-but is it okay to tell someone not to be themselves in order to hook a guy? Do you really need to get someone to go out with you using an improved version of yourself? Sooner or later, Leah's real personality will come is it worth it to hide from the beginning?

In the end, Leah ended up getting back with her ex, but Will was undeniably a great match, and Patti swore that because Leah toned down her masculine energy she attracted men.

Patti's commentary on anything is amazing. Don't things like this make you think that Patti is a different version of the Sassy Gay Friend? Sometimes you just need that awesome friend to tell you how stupid you're being, but that your shoes are really hot.


Patti also had Jordan Osher, the owner of, on the show. The web-site allows people to create a profile, upload media of celebrtiies (video, photographs, etc.), and then takes care of selling the photo and everything in between. He was nerdy and had ADD, but looked like a young Jerry Seinfeld and seemed like a genuinely nice guy (if you like helicopters and wine tastings).