Courtney Love showing her ass is hard to follow. But Aubrey O'Day, talking about her own new reality show on Running Russell Simmons, took butt showing (and booty discussing) to a pole-dancing-y 11. See also: Brett Ratner's bathroom.

This show is a gilded roller-coaster, with beatific Russell hugging Indian saint Amma (yay), tackling transatlantic slavery and supporting NoH8 one minute, then dropping us 1000 feet screaming into a TMI convo about doggie-stylin' - all while surrounded by photogenic white rose hedges. It's like a perfect reality TV world.

The breakout star is Super Assistant Simone! who has worked with Russell for 25 years. Their relationship is awww, her friendship with co-worker Christina is relatable, and her clothes are wondrous. Best, she's an ONTD .gif in the making. Observe:


Simone stays fit by pole dancing. Here she takes Aubrey O'Day for a twirl on the ole moneymaker. Oh the clothes.

Meanwhile, Aubrey forges on with her asspaign. Irony anyone? Also, can't we declare a moratorium on the phrase "black girl booty"?


Then SAS! does Flashdance-inspired burlesque and throws her bra past Russell, which his date seems slightly over.

And you know how rich guys play those expensive pranks on each other in between tending their gardens, dating models, and making "films"? Let us go with Simone to Brett Ratner's powder room, constructed as an elaborate joke on Russell because they're both so damn rich.

Think our heroine looks familiar? She's been fighting for her right to party for years. See a brunette her here at 1:08, and enjoy Ricky Powell and Kenny Scharf art while you're at it.