If Raymond V. Raymond was about Usher's divorce, then the bonus album Versus should have been about how his love of walls, chairs and tree trunks has kept him from staying faithful.

Ostensibly, the walls are illustrating what a great dancer or sexy man he is, but the groping in "There Goes My Baby" is a little excessive. Shaving, caressing your clothes before you wear them and serenading a moving poster is strange, although it could just be part of Usher's routine. Yet when did that tree in "U Remind Me" give consent bear the brunt of Usher's pelvic thrust? Sure, there's many a person who would love to be that very tree, but the fact of the matter is, Usher will never settle down because his heart is spread too thick.

How he stay faithful in a room full of doors?

[There was a video here]