The Walking Dead fires its writing staff, Glee will graduate some characters in 2012, Margaret Cho claims Sarah Palin forced Bristol into DWTS, Boyz II Men caught in a lip-sync scandal, and will you watch the Royal Wedding in 3D?

A few days late, sure, but what a fantastic tribute to Leslie Neilsen. [Laughing Squid]

In TV News...

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding could be broadcast in 3D. Because you know you want to see the Crown Jewels in their sparkly, gigantic glory. And Will's receding hairline. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Wow: The Walking Dead fired all of its writers. Guess it's a good thing they have almost an entire year to figure out what comes next! [Vulture]
  • A CBS Early Show exec spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on why the news anchors were fired, saying "Obviously if things were quote-unquote ‘working' we wouldn't make changes." [THR]
  • Did Boyz II Men lip sync at last night's Rockafeller center tree lighting? More importantly: why are the people on the internet so mean? [Vulture]
  • Ugly Betty's Michael Urie will return to TV in the TBS comedy Brain Trust. [Deadline]
  • Oh no! Glee will graduate some of its characters in 2012, hoping to populate a new group each year. Whatever. [TV Squad]
  • Speaking of Glee, meet the new recruit—Kody Batchelor. He'll play a recurring football player starting in the Super Bowl episode. [Movieline]
  • ABC has a new script for a project about food trucks. So trendy! [Vulture]
  • MTV has put out another crop of ads for Skins that are racy—and also stupid. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • Margaret Cho wrote on her blog that Sarah Palin "forced" Bristol to join Dancing With the Stars in hopes of making America fall in love with her daughter. [Margaret Cho]
  • Oprah will announce her latest choice for her book club on Monday. Jonathan Franzen will be in attendence. [TV Guide]
  • So it's "exciting news" that Hawaii Five-O is having a mini-Lost reunion. Too bad it's only "Dharma member Amy," but she has secured the role of Chin Ho's ex-wife. Call me when Ben Linus shows up. [Movieline]
  • Dancing With the Stars still really wants Lindsay Lohan. [Radar]

Around the Web...

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  • Congress just might pass a law this week to turn down the volume of the loud, awful commercials. [Movieline]
  • Here's an interview with Paula Deen, just in time for the holidays! [Slash Food]
  • Sundance announced the 2011 lineup today. [Vulture]
  • Watch Julia Roberts in a commercial that she was paid $1.5 million for—in which she doesn't say a word. [Gawker]
  • Ladies (or gents) who have boyfriends that love Tron—get this helmet! [Sly Oyster]
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  • Handwritten notes by Bob Dylan are up for auction and could go for as much as $300,000. Whoa. [USA Today]
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