Maulik Pancholy (who you should recognize as Jack's assistant on 30 Rock or Weeds' Sanjay) appeared on Running Wilde playing himself. The premise: convincing Emmy that he's a doctor. The problem: The only TV show Emmy watches is 30 Rock.

[There was a video here]

Maulik's introduction into the show was pretty great—and very reminiscent of some Arrested Development-type banter:

Mr. Lunt: "He plays Jonathan on 30 Rock."
Steve Wilde: "...From the Sun?"
Maulik: "No, that is Third Rock, I'm on 30."
Steve Wilde: "Well how many rocks are there?"
Maulik: "It's a different show, it's very popular, in fact—I'm a little worried she's gonna recognize me."
Steve Wilde: "I'm not."
Maulik: "I play Alec Baldwin's assistant."
Steve Wilde: "Sorry man, nobody here's a fan."