In your drenched Wednesday media column: the NYT pay wall draws near, a royal wedding can't sell magazines any more, Anderson Cooper reams an old Texas man, James Hibberd moves to EW, and Romenesko is all weird now.

  • Quiet as kept, we're getting extremely close to the day when the New York Times will roll out its very own "metered" online pay wall. But don't go asking Janet Robinson if the NYT is gonna put put out a special iPad publication like News Corp's The Daily: "We have a superior daily. We call it the New York Times." Burn notice, baby.
  • All the big celeb mags went with Prince William and Kate Middleton covers last week, but they didn't get the sales bump they were hoping for. Poor Americans waiting in the checkout lane with food stamps may have permanently transitioned from "dreaming of becoming a princess" to "kill and eat the rich."
  • We talk a lot about what types of people Anderson Cooper chooses to fuck, but you know, he's actually a pretty good journalist, too! Here is a very satisfying video of him systematically embarrassing an old Texas bastard on the subject of Barack Obama's birth. Well worth watching.
  • Entertainment Weekly has poached senior television writer James Hibberd from The Hollywood Reporter. "Yoink!" sound effect goes here.
  • Romenesko redesign? Nooooooooooooooo!

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