Don't know if it was the Italian Vogue shoot or the meeting with IMG but tonight's ANTM actually felt like a real modeling competition! But then Tyra came onscreen, she crowned a winner, and here's how we felt about it.

Well, if you don't already know who won then you either don't have a TV, a working set of eyes and ears, or are just plain stupid. They should really have just named the show Ann-TM. In fact, they just might. After all, it's not like there's ever been another winner like Ann who has the potential to make a career for herself that doesn't just involve coming back on Top Model. It's exciting! But don't take my word for it. Here's what Ann had to say about the whole experience.

[There was a video here]

Never forget, this is America's next top model. I bet the top model of a country with a better educational system might value her high school diploma a little more. But who needs a degree when you can win a reality show on the CW! The fact that she knows that winning Top Model is better than a high school diploma in this economy? Well, that might just make her America's Most Smartest Model.

Shame that the other girls weren't smart enough to see that they had been had, though. Everyone probably thought they were actually, you know, competing. What was really happening was Ann was the winner all along and they were basically just there to perpetuate the same old tired Top Model myths that you could be over the age of 21 (Chelsey), only have a giant personality (Chris), be a teen mom (Liz), or share the same name as a chart-topping pop star (Rihanna) and still be a model because Tyra and the executives over at CoverGirl say so. That isn't to say, of course, that you can be any of those things and not be a top model. But did you really think that on the first cycle with a prize that might actually make the winner noticed in the fashion world that the judges would stray from what is a very safe formula in making a successful fashion model? It isn't about a sob story, or about overcoming adversity, or even being able to peddle Lash Blast Mascara. It's about taking great pictures when you get on set and having the designers and photographers who matter turn you into a star, not some washed up ex-talk show host. Sure, Ann was a little too tall, but that didn't stop her from earning praise from everyone she met in the fashion world.

Tyra is a lot of things, but she is no fool. At least not when it comes to what will make her career get better. Like everyone watching at home, Tyra saw the writing on the wall while they were filming this season and that writing said "GIVE ANN THE PRIZE BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST!" After all, when Patrick Demarchelier tells you he loves that girl, you make damn sure that that girl wins. And she did! So, congratulations Ann. And congratulations to you too, Tyra. You finally ended a cycle of America's Next Top Model by announcing a winner that will re-enter the world with a chance of actually becoming one.