Entering with blood-shot eyes and a restless demeanor like he has to pound someone's skull in, the infamous CT returned to the Real World Challenge this week. Psycho CT. The challengers just met their new alpha dog.

Is CT the type of dude that goes home and writes in his journal? No, he eats small children for breakfast. We get to see a small montage of his backstory in the video, along with some punches he's thrown in the past. The music that accompanies the beginning of the match at 2:10 is epic; it's fit for a videogame boss. Like when you thought you beat the final boss but then there's an even scarier one afterwards. So instead of fighting against each other, our contestants compete to survive CT the longest. It's fitting that Johnny Bananas - the show's incumbent alpha dog and asshole - will face CT first. How quickly a psycho can knock him off the ladder!

[There was a video here]

Spoiler alert: we're treated to this in the end:

Tina also showed upbut Theresa comically took care of her. It was a matter of size.
Host TJ Lavin did not say "you killed it," leaving the season count at zero.