The folks at Psych are always at their best when they're referencing and winking at the random and obscure in pop culture. Last night's episode got the full blown meta treatment as the show went all Twin Peaks on us.

With a murder in small town Dual Spires, so far off the radar that the town name appears in parentheses on a map, we knew things would be weird. Having never actually seen an episode of Twin Peaks, it wasn't until the show's theme took on an eerie reinterpretation that we knew something was up. Check out the Psych theme song, re-imagined by Julee Cruise, the artist responsible for the awesome original Twin Peaks theme.

The townsfolk of Dual Spires were super secretive and unfortunately, super sheltered when it came to pop culture. This led to a worst case scenario for Shawn, no one was getting his witty references. Lucky for everyone, Shawn's encyclopedic knowledge of the mundane was able to bridge the gap. Favorite part of the episode, for sure.


When all was said and done, the bad guys got got, and the episode was wrapped up with a pretty little bow. Before the credits could roll though, the show gave one last, ridiculous homage to the early 90's cult favorite.

From what we can tell, there were countless nods to Twin Peaks in the episode but honestly, again, they were completely lost on us. Any true fan of either show should probably go check out the episode on Hulu now to get the full experience.