Today we looked at crusty ol' Gramps McCain's unending support of Don't Ask Don't Tell, frustrating everyone who read it. One commenter decided to do a little psychological digging to get to the real heart of the three-time centenarian.

From Kogo:

McCain doesn't really like being a Senator. He didn't even really want to be President. What he really wants to be is King of All the Army Men. Like, chairman of the joint chiefs, except times a billion. 'Cept he resigned his commission a long time ago and can't get it back.

So much as a one-time soldier might more and more obsessively watch The History Channel, McCain's passion for anything at all in this life has become steadily narrowed down to just War Stuff. And make no mistake, he's not interested in The Military: No, he's interested in War. He's objectively in favor of Wars. An end to any given war would mean and end to a source of pleasure and enjoyment—and one of a diminishing number of such in his twilit years—for McCain.

I mean let's be honest: Did McCain have ANY political platform in 2008 other than, "The same two wars, only HARDER, plus possibly Iran as well"? He actively blew off questions about how he would handle any other issue—particularly the one Americans actually cared about in 2008, the economy—essentially saying: "I can't be concerned with that fluff: There's wars I needs be a-fightin'." I half-think he intended to hand over all domestic policy-making to Sarah once elected, so that he could exclusively go Play Army Guys.

You can't say he's unfocused.

And this then explains why McCain is now willing to sacrifice *anything*—any principle, any friendship, any prior accomplishment, any pragmatic concession—in favor of the Same Armed Forces Fighting the Same Wars As They Were When I Last Checked In With Reality In 2004.

McCain wants our armies in Iraq and Afghanistan the same way my grandfather wanted a gallon of milk to cost the same in 2007 as it did in 1957.

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