This week on Grey's Anatomy it looked like Cristina Yang might finally be on the road to recovery. Meredith Grey has an all-out war of words with Owen. And Callie does to Arizona what we've wanted to do all season.

Tonight was all about the women of Seattle Grace and they each had their own story to tell. First there was Cristina, who went off the grid with Derek to a fishing hole and spent her day trying to figure out how to slow down her thoughts, always a good thing for a doctor. After a day spent questioning the mechanics of the sport, or pouring her heart out about why she can't stop talking long enough for the fish to take her bait, she finally caught a twenty-one pounder. And cried. Why? Probably because she was carrying a giant fish, but we're supposed to believe that this was her moment. Derek certainly did! Which is why the Hunt-Yang household now has a weird Polaroid of Cristina, her fish, and her tears on her fridge. But did you see in the mid-season trailer that Cristina gets back into scrubs! So I guess fishing does cure all.

Meanwhile, back at Seattle Grace Meredith and Owen spent the day trying to set their differences aside and operate on a trauma patient. He survived. Their friendship? Maybe not so much. In yet another of a string of bombshell (?) conversations Meredith has been having with her fellow surgeons about her state of mind, Owen told her that she's reckless, fearless, and not at all like her best friend, his wife. How she feels about this? Well it looked like she didn't give a shit. All she wants is her friend back and she's gonna be as dark and twisty as she wants until she does.

And then there was good ole Calliope Torres. Callie spent the day trying to prove herself to everyone. First, she berated Mark for sleeping with her and thinking about Lexie—the girl he actually loves—while they had sex because "I'm amazing." Then she had to prove to a pair of busy-body patients who questioned her choice in procedure and her acumen that she was a damn good surgeon. And then, because these things come in threes, she almost had her first real win of the day when she nearly convinced Alex to join her on her service and steal him from pediatrics only to have that dream dashed when his love of helping save children got the better of him and he declined her offer. At the end of the episode she went home with her chin held high, but a defeated woman nevertheless. Could there be anything that could make her night worse? Well...

[There was a video here]

...the answer is yes. When the woman you loved dumps you at the airport after you've uprooted your life and quit your job to join her while she saves the entire continent of Africa but then all of a sudden comes back, tell you you're pretty and expects you to take her back? Yeah, that's the worst. But Callie didn't take her back. And good for her! Arizona Robbins finally got what she deserved for being as selfish as any person could be the night she flew out of Seattle International. The Grey's fan in me kind of loves that she did come back, though, only because it will make for some delicious drama both romantically and professionally. I can already hear it now, "You came all the way back from, Africa?" "Couldn't handle it?" etc. It's going to be awesome. But the human person inside of me wonders how anyone could be so delusional as to think that actions like hers go unpunished. How punished will she be? I guess we'll have to wait till January to find out.