Kim Kardashian and other celebrities pledged to stay "digitally dead"—off Twitter and Facebook—until the Keep a Child Alive foundation raised a million dollars. But after two days, the foundation is still nowhere near that!

Keep a Child Alive's organizers figured that as soon as the anointed celebrities' millions of Twitter followers ponied up, the digitally addicted stars would be "back online and tweeting in no time." But they forgot that, with all the spokespeople banned from using social media, there was no way to remind their followers to donate money, and now two Kardashians, Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and others are stuck in silent limbo. After an uneventful first day, Digital Death's coffers are stuck at $200,000 today, the end of day two.

So, what if Keep a Child Alive never raises a million dollars, and Kim Kardashian has to stay off Twitter forever? That'd be great for the internet chattersphere but, uh, crappy for kids with AIDS. I guess the celebrities would eventually donate thousands of their personal fortunes to free themselves from "digital death" without having to look like they were undermining the charity. [BuyLife]


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[Rare image of Kardashian looking bereft without makeup via Bauer-Griffin]