The season finale of The Walking Dead found the CDC survivors faced with something more horrible than the undead. The survivors stared down the bleak prospect of life during an extinction event. Plus, about twelve zombies.

The show opened with a flashback (thanks, Lost) of Shane visiting RIck's hospital at the beginning of the outbreak. In the present time, Dr. Jenner from the CDC and lets the survivors into the building on the condition they take blood tests. The group agrees. In the CDC, they find a world of lost luxury. Booze, games, and air conditioning await them. The CDC is basically zombie apocalypse Club Med. Plus, showers!


That was refreshing! Things do not stay great for long. Shane drunkenly assaults Lori. Dr. Jenner starts getting very weird very quickly. As the power inside the CDC begins to fail, he explains the building's failsafe system.

Arguments ensue. Dr. Jenner feels it would be better to experience a quick death than face horrible reality. Most of the group does not agree. Rick eventually smooth talks the doctor into opening one set of doors. The grenade Rick kept from the second episode helps them break through the final set of doors. Everyone escapes, except the couple people who choose quick fiery death. Bye those guys!

So, the season ends with the group in the same predicament they were in before the CDC. Only one year until season two!