Over the past six years, The Soup has recorded 300 freakin' episodes! To celebrate, the show dug out clips from the vault, convinced a few of their targets to send congrats, and brought back favorites like Sanjaya and Spaghetti Cat.

Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating" list has nothing on The Soup's choices—which were presented as our favorite character-wipes in rapid-fire—until the wipe of Sanjaya looked a little too real.

[There was a video here]

Some of The Soup's favorite targets over the years sent in their congratulations through video. Notably absent was Tyra Banks, who might be the show's #1 target (but rumor has it she hates the attention from the show.) Here's the best of 'em:

[There was a video here]

Of course, this episode offered up some of the week's most ridiculous moments on TV. Below, a few clips from Good Day New York, Survivor, Bret Michaels' girlfriend pulling disgusting pranks on his reality show, and David Hasselhoff speaking to an invisible version of his 12-year-old self:

[There was a video here]

The show also asked viewers to vote on their favorite Soup clips from their six years of existence. As voted by the internet, here they all are:

#1 Joel McHale as Rainbow Brite

#2 Harry Potter's Rude Awakening

#3 Bruno Tonilioi Stops By