Trick question: What's poorer than an American city? Answer: the American state in which that city is located! Haha. But seriously, are you interested in paying to plaster your name on any public property, anywhere? You totally can.

The WSJ reports that approximately every local municipality and state in the Union is offering up any and all property as a convenient surface upon which YOUR corporate logo can be plastered, for a very reasonable fee. Bridges, bus routes, and train lines in Chicago! Subway stations in New York and Philly! Public parks all over the nation! And much more:

In Camp Hill, Pa., officials are offering to name two gyms for $250,000 each, the library for $150,000, and the high-school counseling office for $15,000. Similar moves are afoot in Harrisburg, the near-bankrupt state capital, along with many other districts around the country.

In Newtonville, Mass., residents wrote to the school protesting a plan to sell the very name of the school.

$15K for the Bud Light high school counseling office is really not bad at all.