All-too-sober wine marketing mavens have their eyes on the wine drinkers of the future: The "Millennials," a.k.a. you, probably. Don't be intimidated, young Four Loko-swillers. The wine industry is going to make this whole thing very easy for you.

Don't think that just cause it's "wine" you have to be a fancy snob with more than $10 burning a hole in your pocket just to drink it. Ad Age reports that 7-Eleven "convened a focus group of millennials" in order to develop its very own brand of wine, which costs $7.99 and is shelved directly between the Miller Lite and the Monster Energy Drinks, you can't miss it. And if that's too upscale for you, maybe you'll enjoy a new brand called Sledgehammer:

Marketed as a "no-fuss" wine, the brand "eschews really traditional wine speak" like "this smells of cherries and berries and that type of thing," Ms. Hudson said. But the wine will also seek to subtly educate the new generation of wine drinkers, possibly using booklets of wine facts presented in a way that's "funny and sarcastic," she said.

Wine is actually grape juice LOL. But our wine is actually the re-fermented collected drippings mopped off the floor of finer wineries in our area. LOL.

[Ad Age. Photo: Jo Jakeman]