We've been waiting for Dan Stark to have a Revenge of the Sith-esque "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" moment, and this weekend's episode of the The Good Guys delivered. Revel in the simple joys of PG-rated shoot-outs and casualty-free explosions, inside!

First up, here's a clip showcasing some of the little details of characterization that make this show so great, and we're not just talking about Bradley Whitford's epic sweat-stains. This week's explosive-smuggling villains visit a gun store to stock up on weaponry, and the writers use it as an opportunity to introduce us to this sightless old death-merchant and his precociously helpful grand-daughter:


Julius's bar isn't the only hangout to fall victim to our master exploders, though, as the gang soon lays siege to Dan's beloved trailer. Thankfully, the man on the inside is not Detective Stark, but rather Assistant Chief Guthrie, an internal affairs agent investigating Dan's playful disregard for proper police procedure. Exclamation points ensue!!!

It seems like a scheduling no-brainer to pair The Good Guys with FOX's other action-packed show Human Target, but plans to do so were scrapped in the fallout from the Lone Star debacle. Is the show stuck in the gravitational pull of the Friday Night Black Hole for good?