Juliet's manipulation of Serena into a mental hospital has the Gossip Girl gang delving into Serena's past. In Connecticut, Dan and Blair investigate Serena's history with Juliet. In the hospital, Serena searches her past for where she went wrong.

First, Dan and Blair use an unlikely but reliable source to find Juliet's whereabouts.


While Dan and Blair drive to Connecticut, Serena discusses her life. Where did her life take such a turn? Probably at the beginning.

In an another flashback, Serena shows her love for absinthe, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and cheating on Spanish homework.

After some stellar detective work by Dan and Blair, Juliet reveals she has been avenging her brother's false imprisonment at the hands of Serena. When Serena was at boarding school, she fell for a teacher—Juliet's brother. However, he turned her down. So, from where does the statutory rape charge appear?


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