Joel McHale signs on for another two years of The Soup, David Mamet will lend his voice to The Simpsons, Cougar Town gets benched, and ABC will create a three-hour comedy block on Wednesdays, starting in the new year.

The first photos from Parks and Recreation's third season have surfaced! There's two more here, and it looks as though there's a date (or perhaps double date) happening.

In TV News...

  • Fans of The Soup who've been worried about Joel McHale's ever-increasing star status, fear not! He's signed a deal to host the show for two more years. [Deadline]
  • ABC will bench Cougar Town until April to create a three-hour comedy block. Matthew Perry's Mr. Sunshine will take its 9:30 time slot. [Vulture]
  • Portia de Rossi was offered a gig on Dancing With the Stars—to be a part of the first same-sex couple on the show. She passed. [Pop Eater]
  • Starz has picked up a sixties-era drama called Magic City that will be set in "a gritty and glittering Miami hotel of the same era." Whatever, Starz has been dead to me since they canceled Party Down. [Vulture]
  • More details on Katie Couric's cameo on Glee: She'll sing "Tea for Two" will Jane Lynch. [Access Hollywood]
  • Better Off Ted's creator Victor Fresco is prepping a new family sitcom for ABC. What is with these guys sticking with the networks who canceled them previously? (Cough, Mitch Hurwitz.) [Vulture]
  • Bad news for Maura Tierney The Whole Truth: ABC has pulled it from their schedule completely. [TV Guide]
  • Kim Kardashian is the highest-paid reality star. Wonder how her sisters feel about it. [The Daily Beast]
  • Just kidding! Eliza Dushku won't be starring in TNT's Bird Dog, after all. [Twitter]
  • The FX execs are asking the public not to blame them for the awful poster for Terriers—which may (or may not) have led to the show's demise. [Vulture]
  • David Mamet will show up on The Simpsons in an episode in which he'll play himself. [Inside TV]

Around the Web...

  • Send this to all of your friends: Happy Holidays from A-wreath-ra Franklin! [Best Week Ever]
  • Adam Sandler and Kevin James are teaming up for another terrible movie. No word on whether or not they'll get gay-married in this one, too. [Splitsider]
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck has won her plagiarism lawsuit. if you'll recall, she was accused of ripping off pages of another book about Celiac disease. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Movieline is guessing the future for all of the cast members of The A-List. We predict that Reichen won't be getting a singing career any time soon... [Movieline]
  • Wikileaks meets Trading Places—thanks to LobstR for the tip! [Wiki Beeks]