Here's a full-length trailer for I Am Number Four, the sci-fi teen adventure based on the book series by none other than James Frey. It all seems a bit pat and done before, but who knows, it could be fun.

That's up-and-comer Alex Pettyfer (don't click that link) in the lead, who you may know from Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (I really, really hope for your sake that I'm the only one who knows him from that) and the upcoming Beastly. He seems like a capable enough young action hero, though he looks a bit old for high school (even though he's only 20 in real life). And that's Glee's Diana Agron as the love interest lead, she of the no magical powers who must be protected, of course. Timothy Olyphant's on hand (replacing Sharlto Copley, who had to drop out to do press for The A-Team, oof) as the mentor character, while Keamy from Lost plays a villain.

I don't really think this movie looks like shit, I just couldn't resist the headline joke. It looks like a perfectly suitable mid-winter diversion, a book-based sci-fi fable to tide us over until they get those Hunger Games movies in gear. (Seriously, don't click that above link.)