On the creepiest episode of Millionaire Matchmaker ever- there were not only some intense Stangerisms, but also the most entertaining creeping on television. See Patti's best one-liners, some outrageous behavior, and embryonic meals after the jump!

Patti generally has some outrageous one-liners, but tonight she outdid herself. These were possibly some of the most memorable Stangerisms to date.


Doug Kepanis is a divorce lawyer who can't stop talking about sex.

While he was definitely a little creepy at the mixer-and maybe in the beginning of the master date-Doug seemed to mend his ways toward the end. Keren, his date, loved his personality after their dinner.

Dave on the other hand, couldn't fix his leeringly creepy ways. He told Patti the he would bring his date on a romantic rooftop picnic. Unfortunately, Dave took her to a market in Grand Central Station, and then to have a an overly exotic dinner for a first date. This ended badly.


What was with the, "You can, and you will" statement? Whoah buddy.

Also, iconic publisher Judith Regan is on with Patti next week (ahhh)!