A judge in Massachusetts ruled yesterday that a jury in a manslaughter case can be shown a video of an eight year-old boy accidentally shooting himself to death with an Uzi at a gun show. Jesus. Christ. It gets worse.

Christopher Bizilj, the child, went to the "Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo" in 2008 with his dad—an emergency room doctor. His dad reportedly picked out a Micro Uzi for Christopher to shoot because it was small, which actually made it harder to control. Since allowing an eight year-old to fire a machine gun is illegal in Massachusetts (though a regular gun would have been fine), the organizer of the gun show—a police chief—is now on trial for manslaughter.

Judge Peter A. Velis of Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, Mass., is still deciding whether audio from after the shooting - in which the boy can be heard screaming and his father praying - will be played for the jury.

If it weren't for the death of 81 people in a Chilean prison fire, this would be the most horrific story we've seen all day.

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