It's true! Tom Hardy and, surprisingly, Shia LaBeouf. Also today: the USA Network ventures into strange new territory, Zac Efron is going to be such a badass, as is Will Smith, again.

English sexplosion Tom Hardy will be tag-teaming with Shia LaBeouf in The Wettest County in the World, a story about whatever county Tom Hardy happens to be in at the moment Prohibition-era drama from some guys who have nothing to do with Boardwalk Empire. The script was written by Nick Cave and it will be directed by John Hillcoat, who has worked with Cave before, directing The Proposition, written by Cave, and The Road, for which Cave wrote the music. But yeah, really the important thing is that Tom Hardy will continue to be associated with the word "wet." Amirite, ladies? (Gross.) [LAT (Sorry, Nikke!)]

A company called Media Rights Capital is moving to acquire the screenplay Die in a Gunfight, which already has Zac Efron attached to star. The script was written by two recent NYU grads, so that's great. Efron will play "a fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man who pursues a romance with the daughter of his father's enemy," which, hahahaha. Ha ha ha. Ha. Ha. Haaaa. Yes. OK. Good casting, everyone! The film will partly be produced by Efron's Ninjas Runnin' Wild projection company, so there's another great thing. It's too bad nothing completely silly ever happens in Hollyweird. [Deadline]

Speaking of things never being silly! The Wachowski Brothers Siblings, the curious and reclusive duo who brought you The Matrix and the smash hit success Speed Racer, are putting together an "urban" take on the Robin Hood story, "urban" meaning Will Smith has been approached to star. While a Robin Hood movie isn't exactly what we need right now (ask Ridley), this is probably a slightly more marketable film that the Wachowskis' other supposedly-in-the-works project, a futuristic gay romance about the Iraq war. Just slightly more marketable than that. [THR]

Good actor Irrfan Khan will be joined by My Father the Hero actor Gerard Depardieu in the movie version of The Life of Pi, that philosophical book about a boy on a boat with a tiger or something. That's what that book is about, right? The cover isn't a metaphor or anything? Because, I've got to tell you, I have been totally judging that book by its cover. That's all I've been doing with that book! My mom liked it, and we tend to like the same books (Await Your Reply, yes, but also: The Help!!!!!!!!), but I never read it. Just saw the cover and judged it: "Oh, that's about a boy and a tiger on a boat. Fair enough." [Variety]

Fear actor Mark Wahlberg will be producing and likely starring in a film, based on a short, called The Raven. No, no, no. Wahlberg won't be running around Baltimore in period costume weeping about his dead girlfriend. It's not based on that Raven. (One could say it is not so Raven.) This movie is about "a young man with powers being chased around downtown Los Angeles by robotic police drones, while a giant police ship coordinates the effort from the skies above." So it's a realistic romantic comedy, basically. [THR]

This sculpted slab of American cheese, civilian name Warren Kole, has been tapped to costar in a USA show. So... guess what it's about? It's not on TNT, but it could be... Yup, it's about museum curators! No, kidding, it's about cops. It's always about cops. We've actually talked about this one before. It's called Common Law and will also star Michael Ealy, and it's about two constantly squabbling police partners whose boss forces them to go to couples counseling! Haha don't homo me, bro! Isn't that so zany and/or quirky? USA welcomes ALL the characters, from wacky cops to eccentric cops. USA: Characters Welcome, As Long As You Work In Law Enforcement Or Lighthearted Mystery Solving In A General Sense. [Deadline]

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