Our happy Hamptons times have ended, and what is our takeaway? That if you're a Bis.Co. barista looking for her big break, upskirt it up. And that being bitchy about having to model (oh, sigh!) is not a good look.

This season's MacGuffin was determining which of two interns would win the one available position at RUSH Communications. Will it be the appropriately dressed and perhaps a bit brash Aly? Or game, slatternly Sagen, best known for her beautifully executed Britney? The finale finally answered, "Totus mundus agit histrionem". The flash FTW.

Here Simone, BFF Christine and blogstress Piper, when deciding between our nemeses for a plush gig, listen to the devil on their shoulders, who whispers, "I bet she has a sex tapeeeeee... ." Now that would be good follow up!

[There was a video here]