Our favorite celebrities talk paper clips, shoes, bras, computers, and one of them really likes Facebook.

First they sell you a stapler. Then it's staples. Then it's a staple remover. Enough! I'm Stephen Colbert, and I support paper clips.Wed Dec 08 15:13:43 via SocialOomph

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert pushing his weight behind a very small topic.

Just found out Steve Harvey has his own line of footwear. Pretty sure they're just normal shoes that you wear ten sizes too big.Wed Dec 08 16:39:40 via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Mande

Joe Mande commenting on the way Steve Harvey wears his gigantic, broad-shouldered suits.

I just want to thank everyone that voted for me for People's Choice! I really appreciate your support. You're like a really great bra :)Wed Dec 08 18:01:17 via Twitter for iPhone

alyson hannigan

".. a bra that goes online and votes!"

Computers think they're cooler than ROBOTS. Dumb computers.Wed Dec 08 17:55:55 via web

Horatio Sanz

My MacBook is cooler than a robot, eff that.

Mark Zuckerberg fucking rocks!Wed Dec 08 05:53:09 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Fred Durst

"Fred Durst fucking codes!" - Mark Zuckerberg