On last night's Mythbusters, our beleaguered commander in chief visited to lay down a gauntlet for Jamie and Adam. Their task? Build a working version of Archimedes' solar ray to defeat terrorism... or teach kids about science or something.

His brief appearance had some puzzling moments. It's really hard to love a guy who has the geeky audacity to say that the most important thing for America is to get kids interested in math and science. And here I thought it was traditional heartland values.

Here, the Prez sets up the challenge. He found something fishy about the last time they tested this myth.


Obama then explains his problem with their last test. It's hard to trust a President who has such liberal San Francisco mythbusting values.

Then we come to the test. Poor kids; they come out to shine a bunch of mirrors and see a boat catch on fire, and all they get is waved at by a man in a metal suit. This, obviously, is a perfect metaphor for the Presidency of Obama. The mirrors are the mirrors that we shine on the terrorists, and the non-flammable boat is the terrorists winning because our President just wants to use mirrors on them, instead of nuking the entire middle east. Are you guys following this?


And finally, the guys report back to Mr. Obama about their failure. Typical of Obama's softness, he lets it slide and congratulates them. We'll have to go back to using boring old bombs like everyone else.