Along with pastry-making, add "cooking for children" to the list of tasks cheftestants really hate. This week, the All-Stars concocted a snack for a kids' slumber party at the Museum of Natural History, and well, things went downhill from there.

For starters, Joe Jonas was the Quickfire's guest judge, which given his lack of culinary expertise makes total and complete sense. When it came time to pick the Quickfire winner, the JoBro was torn between Tiffani and Spike's snack and decided to let the kids at the Museum of Natural History choose their favorite of the two. To complete such a task, Tiffani and Spike picked teammates Recess-style. This didn't sit well with all of the All-Stars, whom despite losing their respective season have egos bigger than freaking Ostrich eggs. Smack-talking abound!

The cheftestants finally arrive at the Museum of Natural History to distribute sugar-filled snacks to kids. At midnight. As if being cracked out on artificial sweeteners wasn't bad enough, the kids completely lose it at the sight of Joe Jonas. Screamfest ensues!


The kids vote on their favorite snack and the cheftestants think they're done for the night. Nope! Tom shows up to announce that they will stay overnight at the Museum because they will be serving breakfast the next morning. It is late and some All-Stars are cranky about the less than accommodating sleeping conditions. Other All-Stars take advantage of the situation and choose to explore the Museum at night because, duh, why wouldn't you?!

The two Quickfire teams remained throughout the Challenge, and had to cook breakfast according to their chosen dinosaur's diet (Brontosaurus and T. Rex). Screamfest continues at judges table when Jen from Top Chef: Las Vegas goes head-to-head with the judges and defends her dish to the death. Ultimately, though, we all know a bad dish is a bad dish, and a cheftestant has to pack their knives and go.