We naturally assumed that the United States of America took a backseat to no one when it comes to sexualizing our children at inappropriately young ages for the sake of commerce. Turns out, no: the UK is even pervier.

Ad Age reports that the UK has had to have an entire government inquiry, for chrissake, to see about passing some laws to get this perv marketing in check, what with the rampant sales of "'porn star' T-shirts, pole-dancing kits, Playboy pencil cases and padded bras to pre-teens."

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently labeled marketers "irresponsible" and said he was shocked to find models of beds named "Lolita" targeted at 6-year-olds.

Nice, real nice. You Brits are officially bigger sickos than us. And we love pedophilia 101,000%.

[Ad Age. Photo via]