Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? Check out our top 15 inside.

1. Sledding Behind a Commuter Train Is One Festive Death Wish
Let's say you've got a kickass sled and plenty of snow, but no nearby hills to plummet down. Are you thinking what this guy's thinking, and tying your sled to the back of a fast-moving train? Please don't!

2. Creepy Man Goes Through Bridesmaid Train While on His Back
Did you know that, at wedding receptions, it's apparently tradition for the groomsmen crawl under the legs of bridesmaids/female guests? What's not traditional, though, is to do so while on your back. Watch this guy find out the hard way.

3. German TV Show "Wetten Dass?" Halted After Car Jumping Accident
The live German TV game show "Wetten Dass?" ("Wanna Bet?") was halted on Saturday mid-broadcast after a contestant, Samuel Koch, was severely injured. Koch was trying to jump over a moving car driven by his father.

4. Boy Dances at Inappropriate Time on The Today Show
On The Today Show the Roberts family was interviewed about the father (and husband) they lost in battle. However, this little boy was way more ecstatic about being on television. Christmas came early for little Keegan Roberts.

5. Groundbreaking MRI Shows Childbirth From The Inside
For the first time ever, a woman gave birth inside an MRI scanner, allowing doctors to watch the movement through the birth canal from beginning to end. Here's a video with images throughout the process.

6. This Pneumatic Cannon Prank Is Just Brutal
This video shows that, when you work in a laboratory, inoffensive office pranks can turn into brutal weapons of selective destruction and contusion. Like this insane pneumatic cannon.

7. Damaged U.S. Cruise Ship Limps Through Antarctic Waters
The Clelia II, an Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people onboard, lost an engine in a severe storm off the coast of Argentina and has to limp to port. Even big boats have problems with 30-foot waves.

8. This Cake Comes With Exploding Airbag Stuffing
There are pranks, and then there are pranks that could cause irreparable bodily harm. Hiding an airbag under layers of goopy cake frosting and exploding it in your friend's face is definitely the latter. It's also really fun!

9. One Angry Bird Questions The Meaning Of It All
Something's been bothering me ever since I started playing Angry Birds on the iPhone. Apparently I'm not alone.

10. And Now it's Time for Salsa Dog!
This little dog has some seriously spicy moves.

11. Launching A Warship Is Like Dropping A Toy Boat In A Bathtub
The U.S.S. Fort Worth, the third ship in the U.S. Navy's new class of Littoral Combat Ships, launched in Marinette, Wisc. on Saturday. Who knew they treated 3,000 ton warships like toy boats in a bathtub?

12. Oprah Denies Being A Lesbian, Cries
Barbara Walters' previewed a clip from her special Oprah, the Next Chapter-airing December 9-in which O breaks into tears when talking about her meaningful friendship with Gayle, adding that the two women are not gay for each other.

13. Horny Psychic Accidentally Draws a Penis on Live TV
"I don't even know what's gonna come out of this pen," said the lady clairvoyant, before attempting to sketch a "psychic drawing" of her talk show guest, Brian. And that's when she drew a hairy penis and balls! Watch inside.

14. Teen in Stolen Dump Truck Crushes Police Cars
The only way to stop this reckless teenager terrorizing Ohio in a stolen dump truck last Sunday was to let the teen crash it. Watch the police wait and hope he doesn't take out all their squad cars.

15. The Top 100 Videos of 2010 in 170 Seconds
Between pranks, sports, tech, video games, singing, dancing, and television, there was a lot to choose from this year! Here are the Top 100 videos that became famous on the web in 2010-all in under three minutes.