In your sunny Thursday media column: Howard Stern returns to Sirius, the NYT social media editor disappears, Brenda Starr dies, errors galore, and more!

  • Howard Stern has signed a five year deal to keep his show on Sirius Radio. No exact monetary figure yet, but his last deal was $100 million a year, and he called this deal "very fair," so it has to be in the same ballpark. The good thing is it keeps Howard Stern fans all in one easily identifiable media ghetto.
  • The New York Times has quietly eliminated its useless (we say that with no prejudice) "Social Media Editor" position. Jennifer Preston, who held it, is returning to reporting. The paper will reportedly "shift social media responsibilities to Aron Pilhofer‘s interactive news team." Ah well. We'll always have the archives of Jennifer Preston's Twitter feed to remember this amazing time in history.
  • After 70 years, "Brenda Starr, Reporter" is ending as a daily comic strip. Brenda Starr will take over as the New York Times social media editor.
  • Regret The Error's "Year in Media Errors and Corrections" list is well worth reading tits.
  • Confidential to Joe Lieberman: keep talking all that shit about investigating the New York Times for Wikileaks. See how that works out for you.

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