Today at Gawker.TV, Prince randomly drops in on The View, more hobo-wear from Johnny Depp, Obama's Mythbusters episode, Russell Brand attacks Craig Ferguson's robot, and a look at NBC's new comedy Perfect Strangers.

President Obama Outsources Death Ray Research to the Mythbusters
On last night's Mythbusters, our beleaguered commander in chief visited to lay down a gauntlet for Jamie and Adam. Their task? Build a working version of Archimedes' solar ray to defeat terrorism... or teach kids about science or something.

Prince Makes a Surprise Visit to The View
When Prince randomly walked onto The View today, everyone reacted as if they were in Oprah's "Favorite Things" audience. The singer pulled a "Bill O'Reilly exit" after Sherri Shepherd exclaimed "I've wanted to sleep with you for my whole life!"

Watch a Sneak Peek of NBC's New Thursday Night Comedy Perfect Couples
Finally, we get a look at NBC's Perfect Couples—which will premiere in January as a part of NBC's new three-hour comedy block. Inside, watch four minutes of clips from the show and interviews with the cast.

G4TV's Chris Gore Embarrasses Himself Interviewing Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp
In The Tourist, Jolie's character turns an unsuspecting vacationer into a bumbling patsy, so it's poetic that the real-life femme fatale has that same effect on G4TV's hapless junketeer. Plus, more "hobo cowboy" fashion from Johnny Depp!

Russell Brand Pours Water All Over Craig Ferguson's Robot
Poor Geoff! Russell Brand got so sick of Geoff's insults during his Late Late Show interview that got up and demanded the robot to "apologize to me and respect me!" When he didn't, he gave Geoff an "aquatic intervention."