You guys, CT delivered. He effin delivered. He promised you psycho last week, he delivered psycho this week. Watch him absolutely DESTROY Johnny Bananas in the finale of last week's showdown - CT wears him like a backpack. Watch inside.

Johnny Bananas vs CT:
- Watch how Johnny tries to trip CT's zombie-robot walk - he can't even do that, as CT high-steps his way to the barrel.
- Adding insult to injury, CT goes into the barrel back-first; the back being where Johnny is.
- At the very end, when host TJ Lavin says "nice work," we get a glimpse of CT's gentle face. For TWO SECONDS.


Tyler vs CT:
- The way CT says "Johnny" like "Yoni"
- The Johnny Bananas "Tyler is eating a lot and getting fat" subplot came to a hilarious conclusion, as it was Tyler's added weight that saved him from the wrath of CT.

Tina ("female CT") fared so pitifully against Tori that she does not deserve a video.
Host TJ Lavin did not say "you killed it," leaving the season count at zero.