After weeks of anticipation, NBC aired Community's animated Christmas special last night. When Abed wakes up on Christmas morning in a stop-motion world, the gang agrees to play along in his holiday fantasy land in hopes of figuring out why.

John Oliver was back as Duncan, Jeff's enemy and a professor of psychology with a vested interest in Abed's animated world (he hopes he can get published for it.) Duncan encourages the study group to go along with the guise and travel into Abed's world. Four minutes of highlights from the episode are compiled below:

When it came time to find out the true meaning of Christmas, Abed unwraps multiple presents until he discovers the season 1 DVD set of Lost and deems it to be a metaphor for a "lack of payoff." Vulture claims that Community creator Dan Harmon was hoping that Damon Lindelof wouldn't see the jab, but Damon tweeted almost immediately upon airing, "Okay, COMMUNITY. It's ON!!!!" Spats aside, it was a great joke and was especially appreciated from this long-time Lost fan who also felt a "lack of payoff" upon the show's end.


If you missed last night's episode and have some free time between now and Christmas, I suggest you catch the entire episode on hulu, which you can watch below!