Wow! We had no idea our little Gawker Dating social experiment would take off quite the way it did yesterday. Now that the initial surprise has passed, let us take a moment to help you streamline your e-dating experience.

Because your personal ads are basically in comment form, they run chronologically and it can be a bit hard to zero in on exactly what you're looking for. To help relieve that burden, we suggest that you add some qualifier tags to your posts—in addition to the all important #gawkerdating tag—so people can better find you. Tags like #m4m, #w4m, #m4w, and #w4m. Also, location tags would help, so you can add things like #la, #nyc, #chicago, #sf, #london, etc. (Keep in mind that you can use capital letters or lowercaps in tags—it's all the same—so #NYC and #nyc function identically.)

So if you're a gay dude in New York looking for love, you can type "" into your address bar and go to a page with all the pertinent listings. Sounds easier than sifting through everything, right? (Of course you can sift through as much as you want, too.) But if you're looking for a shortcut, there it is.

If you've already posted an ad but didn't put those tags in, feel free to repost an updated version. You will not be shunned or penalized for double posting or anything. And if you have any more suggestions of how we can better the Gawker Dating experience, send us an email at and let us know.

We're thrilled that people are actually using it and, it seems, enjoying the service so far. Let's keep this wacky thing going!