Today at Gawker.TV, Kathy Griffin stands by her fat jokes about Bristol Palin, Community goes stop-animation for Christmas, we find out who Sweet Dee's baby-daddy is, and Paul McCartney sings an updated version of The Beatles' "Yesterday" on Late Night.

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon Sing an Updated Version of "Yesterday" About Food
Because Sir Paul is Saturday Night Live's musical guest this week, it makes sense that after hanging around 30 Rock all week, he and Jimmy Fallon had time to rewrite the words to be about waffle fries and scrambled eggs.

Community: Abed's Stop-Motion Christmas Spectacular
After weeks of anticipation, NBC aired Community's animated Christmas special last night. When Abed wakes up on Christmas morning in a stop-motion world, the gang agrees to play along in his holiday fantasy land in hopes of figuring out why.

Dwight Gets the Gift of Revenge on The Office
This Christmas, Dwight finally has the chance to get Jim's goat. Needless to say, it involves disguises, trickery, and cold-blooded cunning.

Kathy Griffin Defends Calling Bristol Palin "The White Precious" on Chelsea Lately
Kathy Griffin defended her comments about Bristol Palin saying, "I made several scandalous jokes—as I like to do—and I'm standing behind them." Later, the two comediennes discussed the difference between comedy and just being a bully.

And the Father of Sweet Dee's Baby Is...
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia made good on the answer to a cliffhanger tonight with a satisfying end to Dee's baby business. Check it out, and then we can all get back to being horrible people.