TONIGHT: We've got new episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, WWE Smackdown, Supernanny, The Good Guys, Wizards of Waverly Place, E! Fashion Police, What Not to Wear, Fish Hooks, House Hunters International, and more. Happy weekend!

8:00 PM

Wizards of Waverly Place Alex tries to give up magic but it leads to a conflict between her and Harper. Meanwhile, Jerry attempts to find out how a family heirloom, a wizard robe, came to be in shambles. (Disney)
Smallville Anti-superhero citizens attack the Green Arrow as he tries to stop a mugging, and Clark learns the attackers all have a darkness tattoo. Elsewhere, Carter Hall and Star Girl help Clark pursue Slade, who has kidnapped Lois. (CW)
Supernanny Jo helps a California couple who have ceded the control of their household to their 3-year-old son, whose refusal to be potty-trained, demands for sweets and other histrionics have become a major problem, even making it hard for his 6-year-old sister to do her homework. (ABC)
WWE Smackdown Featured: Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and world heavyweight champion Kane. (SyFy)

9:00 PM

Supernatural Dean seeks out Death to get Sam's soul back, but Sam decides he doesn't want it returned and tries a protective spell to keep his soul out of his bod (CW)
What Not to Wear A glee-club coach who used to sing on Broadway gets rid of her outdated outfits. (TLC)
The Good Guys Jack and Dan respond to a dine-and-dash theft at a restaurant, and learn that a dirty cop may have murdered an informant against a Mafia kingpin in the Season 1 finale. Chris Klein and Gary Cole ap (FOX)
Fish Hooks Milo and Oscar search for new roommates after they fight over Milo's messy habits; Bea and Milo attempt to befriend a bully before they become his next victims. (Disney)

10:00 PM

E! Fashion Police Joan Rivers discusses the week in fashion. (E!)
House Hunters International A man looks for an apartment in Hanoi and decides to enlist the help of a real-estate agent and a friend who grew up in Vietnam. (HGTV)

Who's on the Late Night Couches Tonight?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Matthew Morrison, Crystal Bowersox (NBC)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Kirsten Dunst, Dee Snider, Maroon 5 (NBC)
Late Show with David Letterman: Ray Romano, John Mellencamp (CBS)
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Neil Patrick Harris, Nellie McKay (CBS)