Gwyenth Paltrow will return to Glee, JWOWW writes an advice book for young ladies, the making of Community's stop-motion episode, why Doug Benson's Interruption doesn't translate to TV, and Dane Cook joins the cast of Hawaii Five-O.

In TV News...

  • Dane Cook has been hired to play Danno's brother on Hawaii Five-O. [TV Guide]
  • Here's a cool read about the making of Community's animated episode—including that it wasn't fully finished until the day before it aired! [TV Guide]
  • Gwyenth Paltrow is returning to Glee, reprising her role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday. [TV Guide]
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert—aka the comic book that Pam gave to Jim for Christmas in last Thursday's episode of The Office—can be read online. [Vulture]
  • Oh no! The cast of Glee has come down with tonsilitis, causing production to come to a screeching hault. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Due to the success of The A-List, Bravo is considering coming up with their own version of a Gay Housewives show. [Daily News]
  • Leighton Meester wants you to know that Gossip Girl won't last forever—and that she's only planning on staying with the show for another two years. [Vulture]
  • In case you missed it—Barbara Walters named General David Patraeus as the Most Fascinating person of the year. [TV Guide]
  • Having trouble getting into Doug Benson's new Comedy Central show? Here's an explanation as to why the show is struggling in its transition from the stage to the screen. [Splitsider]
  • Jersey Shore's JWOWW is writing an advice book for young girls. [New York Post]
  • Mark your calendars: Louis C.K.'s Hilarious will air on Comedy Central on January 9th. [Splitsider]
  • Here's a nice review of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live that calls Andy Cohen's show "The Little Late Night Show That Could." [TV Guide]
  • Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show will be called simply Anderson. I know an Anderson or two who won't be so pleased with that news... [Inside TV]
  • Here's a bunch of spoliers about the new season of The Bachelorette—starring Brad Womack, aka the one who left both ladies at the end of the show. [TV Squad]

Around the Web...

  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up! Gays and girls who are kidding themselves cry for joy. [Vulture]
  • Billy Ray Cyrus is all devastated about Miley's bong-shots, y'all. [TV Guide]
  • Congrats to TVLine—an offset of Movieline—who will relaunch on their own underneath Michael Ausiello. [Movieline]
  • Some dude dared to photobomb Jackie Chan. We hope he's doing okay. [Videogum]