It's time to break out the "Season (Series?) Finale" tag again at Gawker.TV, as we spotlight yet another surprisingly good show ear-marked for cancellation. Can guest star Chris Klein and his ham-fisted acting save the day?

Well, since this show revels in its own hamminess, maybe Mr. Klein will be right at home? Here's the noted thespian introducing himself to Our Heroes as a newly-minted deputy chief, so you can judge for yourself:


Of course, as a guest star, Chris Klein is destined to be in handcuffs by the end of the show, so rest assured that this supreme sphinctrocity does not go unpunished.

Meanwhile, what finale would be complete without the return of Gary Cole as Dan Stark's retired partner Frank Savage? The two learn that a Dallas movie theater is screening Savage & Stark, a 1985 TV movie based on their adventures, and they don black ties and pastels to attend. Unfortunately, the screening is part of an "Oddities of the Eighties" film festival, and we all learn an important lesson about the psychological damage our culture's current obsession with ironic indulgence can inflict on our earnestly-mustachioed forebears:


After Dan, Jack, and Frank expose Klein's deputy chief as a dirty cop and save the day, the series has the good sense to give its likable stars an off-into-the-sunset moment. Like everything this show has done, this send-off is both a parody of and a tribute to the butt-kicking action/adventure shows we all loved as kids... with a little AC/DC added for flavor:

A gratuitous Trans Am jump? Yee-haw!!!