Last night's Dexter episode was the one we've all been waiting for. The climax to the slow build that this season has been working towards. How was the pay off? Find out.

The episode started with the Miami detectives geting a call to the scene of the creepy P.I.'s murder. Just like anyone and everyone predicted, Quinn immediately was suspect number one.

It took some work, but Dexter eventually put the pieces together and realized that Jordan Chase must have taken his captive Lumen to Bizarro Camp Anawanna for his final murder. Dexter knew it was a trap, but took the bait anyways to save his Zombie bride.


While speeding through the back roads and arguing with his inner monologue dad, Dexter drove right into Jordan's ambush. I had a couple problems with this part, 1) ok, I get it, Dexter's dad is supposed to be his conscience... but your conscience isn't physically riding shotgun Dex. Keep your eyes on the road. And 2) How did he not see that huge piece of construction machinery in the middle of the road? The good thing about Jordan's trap, was that it finally brought Dexter and Lumen back together.

Now, they had Jordan right where they wanted him and it was time for Lumen to do work. Jordan got his final motivational speech in, and Lumen got her chance to scream and stab. Dexter's reaction shots to the goings on are absolutely priceless.


Deb, who apparently gets every tip and solves every crime obviously found Jordan's cabin in the middle of nowhere. With the blood still leaking out of Jordan Chase, Deb, with gun drawn, found the vigilantes she's been looking for, obscured behind the plastic that decorates every Dexter murder scene. There, she was faced with the choice she knew she would eventually have to confront.

Everything after that was pretty much fluff in my book. Lumen decided to take her talents away from South Beach and run away from the only guy on the planet who could possibly stand her at this point. Dex ran the blood scans on Quinn's boot and decided to let him off the hook. Laguerta and Angel decided to give their boring relationship, that nobody cares about, another try. Quinn and Deb apparently made up, even though 12 hours earlier she totally believed he was a murderer. Quinn thanked Dexter for getting him out of everything, but apparently knows Dexter's secret. Dexter and his boring step kids decided they'd spend the summer together and everyone came together for cake at Harrison's first birthday. Once again, all was right in Dexter's world.