Now that OK Go's music videos have become synonymous with huge, viral hits; the pressure heightens with each new offering. This one's a documentary of the band's 8.5-mile parade through Los Angeles, spelling their name in the city's blocks.

As it turns out, the music video is a collaboration between OK Go and Range Rover Evoque, who are urging users to "Dance Through Your City" with their global GPS art project. You can find out more at their website, whose home page states:

Last month we took to the streets of Los Angeles with OK Go to host an 8-mile-long musical parade and kick off our global GPS art project.

What's this you ask? Well, we're using GPS technology and our free app to turn cities into giant canvasses upon which we can draw electronically… it's like a giant Etch a Sketch.

OK Go started the project, creating a giant city sized drawing of the letters ‘OK Go‘ on the streets of LA. Now it's your turn. The band will take the best entries and compile them into a new video.