Here are two trailers for new Johnny Depp movies, both of which fall somewhat squarely in the kid-friendly demographic. He seems to be cultivating a pretty strong crop of these movies, strangely offsetting his Sweeney Todds and Hunter S. Thompsons.

Not that there's anything wrong with that! Variety makes your life spicy or whatever. It's just that the tonal shifts between each movie seem so stark and deliberate. Not that he'd be terribly good at this necessarily, but where are the middle-of-the-road put-upon everyman roles that the Academy would sniffle at and award with a beautiful prize? You know, something that's a hard PG-13 or a soft R. There are none of those. There are only indiscriminate killers or quirky kiddie silly characters. There is hardly anything in between! I don't know if (I doubt, really) there is some grand thesis behind his whole career trajectory, but it's a little wearying and disappointing that such a talented guy doesn't show restraint as often as he shows abandon. Maybe this movie The Rum Diary will be what I'm waiting for. (Lord knows The Tourist wasn't.)

Anyway! Who cares. Johnny Depp is still great. Captain Jack is slurry fun, and has starred in two good Pirates movies. (If anyone can explain just what the magic fuck is going on in the second one, I'd appreciate it.) So here's a full-length trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley's characters have, presumably, died of yellow fever or something.

And here is a trailer for the cute looking animated joint Rango, directed by original Pirates director Gore Verbinksi. It's basically a Western with desert animals instead of people. Johnny Depp does a weird voice. Go figure.