The Brits should soon release Julian Assange on bail. Assuming a pending appeal of the bail ruling is batted down, Assange will go rest in a "handsome modern erection" of a manse in the Suffolk, England countryside.

Assange will have to wear a tracking bracelet on his ankle, but the Suffolk digs, supplied by sympathetic British journalist Vaughn Smith, are sufficiently posh that even Assange's own lawyer is joking about his forthcoming "mansion arrest." Google's satellite imagery (below) reveals at least nine separate structures on the estate, and the main manor is a stately three-story job, according to online pictures tracked down by The Atlantic , apparently distributed by Smith.

Another delightful tidbit from the Atlantic: The estate was once known as a "handsome modern erection" with "clayey loam" soil. Perhaps not the ideal backstory for the retreat of a guy facing sex crimes charges — the Swedes want Assange extradited from Britain for sexual assault — but it's doubtful such PR trifles will have the Aussie rabble rouser turning down this particular gift. For now, Assange remains in jail overnight awaiting a Swedish appeal of his bail, expected to go to the high court within 48 hours. You can follow along at the Guardian's Wikileaks liveblog. [Photos: The Atlantic]


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