Miley's superfan vigilantes set their sights on a girl named Anna Oliver. Angelina Jolie laughs at her Golden Globe nomination. Hulk Hogan's beach wedding devolves into a brawl. Wednesday gossip fears for its life.

Meet the lass the gossip world thinks shot Miley Cyrus' bong-ripping video: Anna Oliver is friends with Demi Lovato (they met in church and are "BESTIESSSSSS," "bffffl," "BFFL") and is now fielding death threats on Twitter. (Sample: "IM GOING TO CHOKE YOU OUT WITH A HANNAH MONTANA WIG.....CHOKE.YOU.OUT ROFLLLLL." Apparently the youth of America has a sticky keyboard.) The threats caused Anna to suspend her Twitter account. Miley is "pissed" because she knew "immediately" that the bong fiasco was Anna's fault, because even when you're baked out of your mind, you still know who's holding the camera. Conspiracy theory: Anna infiltrated Miley's inner lair and leaked the video to take the heat off Demi, who is in rehab! (This is unlikely because nobody has talked about Demi in weeks.) [E!, E!, LAT, images via DisneyStarz and @AnnaCOliver]

  • Hulk Hogan's sunset beach wedding devolved into a brawl yesterday, when a paparazzo tried to sneak onto Hulk's Clearwater, Florida beachfront property to get pictures. The ceremony was supposed to be a "very private affair," so the apparition of a paparazzo caused physical altercation, someone called the cops, but ultimately no one pressed charges and, as far as we know, Jennifer McDaniels is now Mrs. Hulk Hogan. [TMZ, TMZ, Popeater]
  • Angelina Jolie reacted to her Golden Globe nomination by "laughing," either because The Tourist was laughably bad, or because "it's the first time that I've been in the comedic category so it's new for me." [Us]
  • Ed Asner grabbed Betty White's boobs at a photo shoot for The Hollywood Reporter. That might just be the most timeless sentence in Hollywood. [P6]
  • Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds is "seeking comfort" from an ex-girlfriend during his divorce from Scarlett Johansson, "but not in a romantic or sexual way." His ex-girlfriend, you see, is a pillow named Kimiko-tan, and she is very soft and comforting. (Too soon?) [Us]
  • Claire Danes is shilling for Latisse, the eyelash growth serum that started as a drug for glaucoma, even though it gave her this weird side effect where the skin around your eyes turns red and gross. Apparently her makeup artist was at wits' end covering it up, but Claire stumpts for Latisse anyway, because beauty! And money! [P6, NYTimes]
  • Jennifer Connelly is pregnant with her third child. Mazel tov! [Us]
  • Glee star Mark Salling arrived at a party and was told he and his guests would be sharing a table with reality star Lo Bosworth. "Are you kidding me? We're leaving," he responded, and honestly? Rightly so. His publicist denies it, anyway. [P6]
  • Speaking of reality TV terror: I have been led to believe that "Teen Mom expecting another baby" counts as celebrity gossip, and that resistance is futile. [Star]
  • Natalie Portman sees your "Freshman 15" and raises it to 20, which is apparently how much weight she gained during her good old Harvard days. [Us]