When Anna Faris first began speaking on Lopez Tonight, we had a feeling she might be riding high on Mary Jane. Our suspicions were all-but-confirmed when she brought out her bong-shaped Stoney Award. Watch for Tommy Chong 'pulling a Kanye.'

Here's a sample of her interview, in which she details filming the new Yogi Bear movie and creepy old men shouting "Show us your tits!" It only makes sense she's dating what seems to be the male equivalent to herself, Chris Pratt (aka Andy on Parks & Recreation.)

At the end of the interview, George Lopez segued into her Stoner of the Year award, asking for the actress to reenact her acceptance speech. She does, and right on cue Tommy Chong pulls a Kanye, shouting "Miley had the best bong hit of the YEAR!" Classic.


Stoned-on-TV or not, Bravo to Anna Faris for giving stoner-girls everywhere a good name.