Today at Gawker.TV, the Real Housewives invade The Fashion Show, Tommy Chong pulls a "Kanye" as Anna Faris reenacts her "Stoney Award" speech, Seth Green, and Paul Rudd explains his days as a bar mitzvah DJ in his early twenties.

Real Housewives Invade The Fashion Show
Calvin met his matches on The Fashion Show when some New Jersey and Orange County Housewives had gala gowns designed for them. After some problems though, Caroline had a little tiff with Calvin that resulted in a ridiculous tantrum.

How Stoned Was Anna Faris in This Lopez Tonight Interview? You Decide!
When Anna Faris first began speaking on Lopez Tonight, we had a feeling she might be riding high on Mary Jane. Our suspicions were all-but-confirmed when she brought out her bong-shaped Stoney Award. Watch for Tommy Chong 'pulling a Kanye.'

Paul Rudd Addresses His Past Gig as a Bar Mitzvah DJ
Remember this clip of a young Paul Rudd DJing a Bar Mitzvah that made the rounds online? The Late Show got a hold of it, and asked the actor to explain himself (and his dancing.) Plus: Paul Rudd meets Obama!

Seth Green Brings His Humping Robot to Conan
Tis the season for holiday gifts, and Seth Green brought along a humping robot for Conan to enjoy. When turned on the robot thrusts, and the two grown men placed a figure of Conan directly in the line of fire.

FOX Wants You to Embrace Fringe's Move to the Friday Death Slot
When FOX announced that Fringe would move to Fridays in January, fans of the show saw the beginning of the end. To put them at ease, FOX has just released this trailer poking fun at the "Friday Death Slot."