CBS picked up mommy blogger Kelly Oxford's sitcom in at least the third Twitter-to-TV deal at the network in the last year. Microblogging may feed on life's most banal moments, but that only makes TV executives love it more.

CBS has picked up Canadian blogger and ex model Kelly Oxford's sitcom about a woman much like herself, Vulture reports. The Mother of All Something will borrow heavily from Oxford's twitter feed and blog, and the mother of three will executive produce. Oxford's takes on subjects like feeding her kids breakfast, shopping at Wal-Mart and having diarrhea can indeed be very funny, as Vulture says, but whether the sitcom graduates to a pilot episode will depend on whether CBS thinks it can make as much money selling her parenting jokes as it can selling the curmudgeon humor in its Twitter inspired show "Shit My Dad Says" or the roomate gags in its Twitter-related development deal "Shh... Don't Tell Steve".

Oxford, at least, has the advantage of very favorable retweets: Not just John Mayer, but Diablo Cody and Roger Ebert, too. Which is the sort of thing that impresses studio executives about as much as favorable TV show review (not at all).