Mythbusters had a special to test some of the more outlandish stunts in Seth Rogen's upcoming Green Hornet picture. His appearance on the show turns out to be a big announcement: "dont' suspend your disbelief!".

Granted, Rogen says at the beginning that to make a good movie, you must throw out all aspects of realism, a point not without merit but ultimately disappointing when one goes to actually see this movie. It may sound complicated, but they begin by testing whether a bulldozer can be blown off the top of a hole in the ground containing the Green Hornet's superhero car, creating an escape route for those in the car, while leaving Kato and the Green Hornet alive. You follow? As you'd expect, insane.

We catch up with Seth, Tory, Kari, and Grant, testing whether a half car can drive after being sawed in half by an elevator. This one, with reservations, is deemed plausible with some less-than-strenuous mythbusting morals.


And then Adam and Jamie do the thing where they add hundreds more pounds of explosives to the test to see if something will come of it. Since this one requires people in a car underground to live, you can pretty much guess the outcome. Cool explosion though.

It's funny to see how far film can be from reality, but it doesn't help the movie to have the star and writer remind you how ridiculous it is for the sake of advertising. This is comic books, and the most hopeful among us have to believe that maybe some day this will be real.