The future job of America's Sweetheart—yes, Katie Couric, that's right—has been speculated upon quite a bit by media nerds and social outcasts lately. The latest rumor: a possible daytime TV show. We handicap Katie's likely options, below.

Couric makes $15 million a year anchoring CBS' Evening News. Her contract's up in May. What next?

  • Cable news: 12-1. A CNN show has been rumored, but one must ask: why the fuck would Katie Couric do that? Big step down.
  • Returning to CBS Evening News: 10-1. Her reign there has been a failure. Let's face it. It's not even her fault, but it's the truth. Ratings suck, and Katie Couric doesn't have the natural gravitas to make the job worth it just for the sake of her own legacy. Plus, evening news is a dying game. And there's no way CBS would pay her as much as she's getting now.
  • Going back to NBC's Today Show: 8-1. The Today Show was a great fit for Katie Couric's skills. It rewards her natural peppiness. That's one reason it was so jarring to see her jump into the news chair. But she's said she won't go back there, and we believe it. Been there, done that. Onwards and upwards!
  • A different morning show: 6-1. If Katie went to a morning show on a different network, she wouldn't have to feel like she was backsliding, career-wise. This would probably be the wisest choice for her. But she probably wants to do something "new." Too bad.
  • Just doing whatever she wants on CBS: 5-1. Why be stuck anchoring that crappy news show? She could stay at CBS and appear on 60 Minutes, do some sports, do some morning TV, and do whatever else she wanted to on the side. Her name is still an asset for the network. And this would give her enough of a regular gig to maintain her visibility, but enough freedom to build...whatever it is she really wants to do next. Of course, that thing may not exist. Plus, no one who's already anchored the Evening News wants to be seen as a TV news hobo.
  • A daytime syndicated show: 3-1. As B&C points out, she could make a boatload of money doing a daytime show. The end of Oprah means big opportunity for someone. Katie has the right personality and the right name recognition to be successful. This is the smart move. Play to your strengths, Katie. If it doesn't work out, there's always Dancing With The Stars.