The Sing Off has shown us quite a bit of talent in the last weeks, and last night was no different. Inside, highlights from last night's competition.

Committed has really shown us some great hits, yet, tonight, the most crucial night before the finale, The Backbeats which did just alright on their Lady Gaga performance...really came back to kill it with Stevie Nicks' Landslide.


Spoiler! Who made it to the finale you ask? How about...four groups...that's right. Not three. The judges all felt that the "do or die" performances were so spectacular that they have put all the pressure onto us. The four finalists: The Backbeats, Street Corner of Symphony, Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town, and last but not least Committed.

Of course one our favorites Off The Rocks went out with a seriously witty good-bye! Adorable!